Earth Puzzle Project – Challenge Graz: Privacy Policy

We appreciate that your privacy is of utmost importance. This is why we are trying our best to design our privacy policy as transparent as possible.

What personal data is being collected?

In order to use our services, some personal information is needed. As you are signing in with Facebook, you are submitting the following data to us:

- your e-mail-address
- your first and last name
- your sex
- your date of birth
- your home country
- your profile picture

Additionally, you are asked to submit your very own username. Worth noting is also the fact that we are not tracking you on a map but only puzzle pieces. Hence, we are only tracking your position when you are (a) picking up a puzzle piece, (b) dropping a puzzle piece and (c) placing a puzzle piece.
All this data is being stored on our servers and used for research issues only.

Is my data shared with third parties?

We neither sell nor rent your personal data.
Your actions in Earth Puzzle Project – Challenge Graz, including (a) picking a puzzle piece, (b) dropping a piece and (c) placing a piece, are shared with other players via notifications. These notifications only include your action and username and are visible only for users of the Earth Puzzle Project – Challenge Graz.
Another way of sharing your in-game actions is posting them on Facebook. We do not automatically post anything on your Facebook timeline, but you are welcome to give us the permission to do so. This submission is asked for when signing in for the first time.

Is your data secured?

To make sure that your data is secure, your account is saved with the help of a password. Please take care of your password and prevent impermissible access to and use of your account. In order to assure highest safety, we recommend choosing a strong password and keeping it secret.

Can an account be deleted?

You can delete your account without giving reasons at any time by removing the application from your Facebook app centre.

Will there be changes in this privacy policy?

We are reserving the right to change this privacy policy occasionally. If there is an important change in our privacy policy, you will be informed immediately. After a change in our privacy policy, all of our users will automatically be liable to the new guidelines.

For further information, we are at your disposal at any time via