Challenge Graz, 01.10.2012 – 31.01.2012

After 4 months of puzzling Challenge Graz is finally
over. We are very proud of all who helped bringing the
pieces back where they belong.

You did a really great job. You managed to solve 20%
of the puzzle in such a short time – awesome!

We are very excited to present you some results of
Challenge Graz!

Hopefully you enjoyed Challenge Graz and we see you
next time! In the mean time – stay tuned and spread
love and piece.

Some numbers

Well, in 4 months all puzzlers together traveled
12.400 km. This is like travelling from Graz to
Australia – unbelievable!

And you managed to place more than 750 pieces.

You traveled around in many districts of Graz and
placed pieces there. But we guess you had some
favourites! Here are the top five districts – according to
placed pieces.

  1. Andritz
  2. Mariatrost
  3. Straßgang
  4. Gösting
  5. St. Peter

Final Picture

This is the picture we would have got if all 4.096 pieces would have been placed.


1. hohell 10.956.936 p
2. maumau22 1.603.401 p
3. Chris 1.312.849 p
4. Mike 281.976 p
5. Georg 186.532 p
6. elpap 156.914 p
7. hAnWalt 148.058 p
8. piccarsso 88.003 p
9. softwarebear 47.729 p
10. ceelian 40.087 p