500 million pieces
become a global challenge.


We split the world into 500.000.000 puzzle pieces. Then we mix them up and spread them all over the world. And then it’s all about you!

To get started, you need the right equipment: Your smartphone.And that’s it.  A sense of direction isn’t required. But it could definitely be a plus.

With your smartphone you can discover all the puzzle pieces around you. No matter where they are from. So be prepared to find a piece of Brazil or Australia just outside your door.

Once you’ve picked up a puzzle piece, it’s in your pocket. And waiting to be brought home.


Of course the puzzle pieces love to be in your pocket. But they suffer from homesickness. And therefore they try to support you to bring them back home:

Each puzzle piece will tell you where it belongs. It carries detailed information about its home and the other lovely people that helped it on its way.

The special thing about the Earth Puzzle Project is that the puzzle pieces indeed have to be brought to their home destination. With your smartphone. Physically.

Sounds exciting? And demanding? That’s why it is a global challenge!


We know that we can’t expect you to travel the globe to bring the pieces to their home destinations. Although you might love to do it…

If you decide that you can’t help the puzzle piece anymore, you can easily drop it. Wherever you want. And leave it for someone who comes along with the piece for the next part of its journey. So everybody who carries the puzzle piece becomes a chapter in the story of this piece. And therefore every puzzle piece becomes more and more unique.

Although you’ve dropped the puzzle piece, you still have the chance to stay in touch with it. And follow the piece on its remaining way. And get to know the other like-minded people that help to bring it back home.